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Islamophobe Watch: All Shapes and Sizes, Literally

Since 9/11, self-styled "experts" on Islam and Muslims have been popping out all over the place. From Daniel Pipes to Robert Spencer to now Laura Mansfield, the public has a demand and these Islamophobes have the supply. Sometimes, the public does not have the demand, but the paranoia and McCarthyism created by these hate-mongers creates a demand. If you scare them enough, they will call on the cavalry...

One interesting Islamophobe is Laura Mansfield. Her story reads like one of those "stupid, fat ugly American woman who can't get a decent looking American man finds love with a man from overseas who will look beyond the physical appearance..."; yeah, that type of story.

As the story goes, she married a Muslim man from the Middle East, the relationship went downhill, he hurt her feelings, now she has decided with vent her hatred of Muslims and Islam into a money making business, even appearing on CNN as an "expert" on of course "Islamic terrorism". The bitter fat woman's crusade has lead her to even go to mosques as an "undercover agent" to try to to spread the McCarthyistic love of "you can't trust these people, they are really after to destroy you and your values..."

Don't get it twisted folks, these people are not here just to expose "Islamic terrorism". On their websites, they highlight stories of ex-Muslims who bash Islam, link to websites that try to "refute" Islam, and of course, they refuse to translate "Allah" as "God" (like I mentioned in my previous post on this issue). They hate Islam and Muslims, and ANYTHING that can use to attempt to discredit Islam will be used to "expose Islamic terrorism".

SO it is clear to all those that think. If their focus was truly on just the extremists in Islam, why then focus on the very essence of Islamic belief? UNLESS, they want people to think that a "true Muslim" is a terrorist because Islam to them promotes terrorism. In other words, they want to outlaw Islam or at least alter Islam to a religion that is compatible with secularism.

Interesting enough, they are the biggest enemies of so-called "free speech". Any display of anti-Zionism is translated into "Islamic extremism". Any display of disdain of American foreign policy is an example of the Muslims' "Islamic extremism". They hate the fact that people have these views and are allowed to express them; even Laura wants to have Myspace accounts banned as a result of her disdain of "unAmerican" sentiments!

And does she say anything when people display hatred of Islam and Muslims? Of course not, even if they call for the blood of Muslims, the desecration of their books and holy places, she is as silent as she can be. Why speak out against Islamophobia when you are one yourself? Islamophobes are never one for justice and fairness for all!

Okay to bash Islam, wrong and evil to bash anything else like Christianity.

Their hatred did not come from a vacuum. Nine out of 10 of them are white, and most of them are Christian fundamentalists and we know the history of some whites and Christian fundamentalists' long standing hatred of Islam and Muslim. Even before 9/11, they hated Islam and Muslims, and when 9/11 happened, they felt it was their calling to lauch their crusade and get money while doing it.

I mean, why doesn't the American public get it? Because they lack real knowledge of Islam and this is post 9/11 America, ignorance and even hatred of Islam and Muslims runs high nowadays. Ignorant and fanatical Muslims feed this stereotype and all the Islamophobes will say is that "We told you so..."

Laura Mansfield is touted as a fluent Arabic speaker who ironically never appeared on any Arabic-language show speaking Arabic (so how do we know she is fluent in Arabic). She has not formally studied Islam, and yet she is somehow an "expert". So her credentials are a bit shady but let's say she does speak Arabic fluently (we already know that she is not an expert of Islam, so I won't even put up that as a hypothetical), it just shows how much she hates Muslims and Islam.

One of the hardest languages to learn, learning Arabic requires dedication and passion. People learn Arabic for one of the following reasons: to learn Islam (to propagate it); to bash Islam; to learn more about Arab culture and finally to become an Orientalist (aka bashing Islam). People don't learn Arabic fluently just because they wanted to understand an Arab soap opera and be able to smoke hooka in Cairo. So Laura Mansfield, for the sake of this example does speak Arabic fluently, we know she learned it not because she wants to understand Islam. We know that it is not for the purpose of loving the Arab culture. Her dedication to learn such a hard language stems from her Islamophobia disguised as "being an expert on 'Islamic terrorism'".

Today, even fat, ugly women are on the band wagon of Islamophobia and they are not here to expose just "Islamic terrorism". Their hypocrisy, hatred for free speech, their use of antiIslamic websites that try to discredit the very doctrine of Islam (not just "extremist Islamism"), etc., are clear indicators that they are not here to protect America from "Islamofacism" but instead, it is a crusade they hope will make them victorious over Islam and Muslims.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Al-Hajeji said...

asalamu Alaykum...

Wallahi I had read every word you typed and I agree with you 100% !

I saw this Laura first time on CNN (from youtube videos) and I was thinking the same thing that you typed out on the third paragraph. I am an Arab, and I can tell you that arabic is very complex as there are alot different dialects and accents and I doubt it that this low-life laura knows anything about the beautiful language! I do believe that she hires people to translate for her. Otherwise she could just making up the whole thing.
She and the other low-lifes aren't just anti-islamic, they are racists, attention seeking whiskey drinking scum of the earth. I spit on them.
Anyway enough of my rambles and JazakuAllah kheir for the well described post bro!!

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

As salaamu `alaikum,

They are indeed racists. Try going undercover with these people and have them talk about Islam and Muslims and you will hear the most racist things your ears will ever come across.

Of course in public they want to come across "no, we are not against Islam or Muslims but the extremists and Islamofacism..." Pure BS and we all know it. Like I said, behind closed doors it's a whole different thing than in public.

And no, I don't believe that she is a fluent Arabic speaker who knows the major dialects and can read and completely understand even the most advance Arabic texts. Until she appears on some show speaking fluent Arabic, I think she hires people to do the translating for her.

Ms. Piggy I mean Laura Mansfield is a crusade against Islam and Muslims after her ex-husband hurt her feelings. What a simple-minded idiot who uses her bitterness stemming from a relationship to spread hatred and distrust of a whole group, trying to label Muslims as "fifth columnists" or people who are really out to destroy America.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger DXB_Muslim said...

I love your posts mate, keep it up !

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Al-Hajeji said...

wa alaykum al salam...

Forgive me for the late reply brother...but are you serious that she has an ex-husband who an arab/muslim?
I never knew that.

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous shahly said...

Although I am not 100% percent certain of the individual referred to here, I can say that a person did come to mind, and your point about the Islamophobe's motivation is defenitely feasible. However, I think that it is necessary to refrain from insulting these people - especially on account of their outward appearance - because the one who insults is undoubtedly more degraded than the insulted, simply because, backbiting and slander are vile sins.
May allah forgive us all.
Fee amaanillah,

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(


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