Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are Slavery, Racism, Sexism, etc. "Judeo-Christian Values"?

People have said that "America was founded on Judeo-Christian values". Okay, let's say this is true.

Slavery existed at the time when the country was founded and well instituted into the 19th century.

Racism, which still exists today, became a way of life and institution at the time the country was founded. The most racially segregated hour in America is Sunday every week when church services are conducted.

Sexism, such as women not being to vote until the early part of the 20th century was institutionalized when the country was founded.

So it begs the question: should we be afraid of any resurgence of Judeo-Christian values in America?

Kinda of a sarcastic question to those silly Islamophobes who fear "Islamic values" taking root in their society.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Problem with CAIR

I got a problem with CAIR. I mean, may Allah bless the brothers and sisters who fight hard against Islamophobia and their efforts in trying to educate people about the true message of Islam.

They got several issues I disagree with from an ISLAMIC point of view which I won't get into but the one issue I will get into is is their apologetic defensiveness when they deal with Islamophobes, either in print or on TV. Their tactics are so weak that it actually adds fuel to the fire and make the Islamophobes more arrogant and convinced they are right.

What do I mean? When they debate an Islamophobe on TV for example, they will always say how Islam is this and not that, etc. without really citing references from the Quran or Hadith or Islamic history. They often do not refute the anti-Islamic claims with effective clarity but often allow the Islamophobe to have the momentum in his or her Islam and Muslim bashing. Also, since nearly all Islamophobes are white (or those who think "white" but are racially something else), it does not help if you have a Middle Eastern or Asian (or even white convert) always representing your organization when these hateful ignorant bigots feel extremely arrogant and cocky towards non whites but for some reason have some reservation in their arrogance and cockiness when dealing with black Americans, especially one who is more street smart (because they think that they do not want a backlash and be accused as a racist by black people and/or they are afraid of blacks).

And worst of all, they NEVER go on the offensive and giving the Islamophobe a clear reality check. If one of these Islamophobic pieces of trash ever debate me, I will ask him or her about the number of murders, rapes, and other crimes that happen in their societies and the MILLIONS of people killed in world wars and why they are turning a blind eye to their own problems which are far worse than what Muslims are doing and at a much higher rate and let them go on the defensive. People will see the utter hypocrisy of the Islamophobes and truth of Islam and Muslims. They will re-think what they have been told.

I urge CAIR to stop being so weak and stop just putting people who just say Islam and this and that without evidence and start going on the offensive and exposing the hypocrisy of the Islamophobe and start having a more diverse lineup of people representing you, instead of just having the Middle Eastern, Asian, or white convert whom the Islamophobe will feel utterly arrogant and cocky towards.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What Good Have Muslims Done for Us Lately?

There is something that the Islamophobes don't want you to hear about: the true side of Islam.Right here in Los Angeles, just one example of how Muslims are following the teachings of Islam. A clinic of volunteer doctors and physicians working to help the poorest of the poor in one of America's poorest community in South Central Los Angeles. Nearly all of the patients are non Muslims and they provide free health care to the people and this is an example of following Islam.

Now please watch these videos, especially the Islamophobes who are too scared to visit the neighborhood where Umma Clinic is at:


Here is a speech by Maxine Waters in the House about the contribution of Muslims in her district (South Central Los Angeles):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7AXl4kvbOINow ask the people what they think of Muslims...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is Islamophobia Racism?

The probably the last kind of "acceptable" racism, Islamophobia is just an manifestation of the unbroken chain of racism launched against a "minority" in a time of paranoia and ignorance.

During WWII, it was "acceptable" to refer to the Japanese as "Japs", a racist slur meant to degrade those of Japanese origins. The press used the term, it was used on movies and even in cartoons and no one got in trouble or feared any backlash. Many justified it as treating the Japanese as the enemy and as the enemy, there is no need to respect them.

Although America was at war with the Germans, Italians, and Japanese, only the Japanese Americans were made to suffer persecution and eventually forced into internment camps. The Japanese were seen by the ignorant and racist people as all or mostly sly and sneaky and people who cannot be trusted. German and Italian Americans did not suffer such a fate because they were white, and just from appearance alone, you cannot tell if someone is a German or an Italian or if he or she is Irish or French.

Now blacks back then were called Negro or colored. If a black person did anything or even was mentioned in the news, his race was always identified. If a white person did anything or even was mentioned in the news, his race was not identified except on rare occasions. It took many decades to fight the double-standards and racism against blacks to even come to this point where the race of the individual is not always mentioned if they are not white, and we still have a long way to go to seeing the evil of racism go away for good.

Now to the current reality. There is an acceptable racism today and it is Islamophobia. Islamophobes try to justify this in the same way and approach as the racists trying to justify calling people "Japs" or fearing racial integration because it might lead to problems between the races and what not. It's a time of war, it's a time where we need to know the enemy, it's a time where we cannot afford to be politically correct because that can cause us to have more problems from our enemies in the future and so on. The endless list of justifications continues to be the tool for trying to make Islamophobia acceptable to the public.

But the racists never learn from history. History has shown that there has been a momentum in movements that are preaching racism and paranoia of a people, but decades, and some cases centuries later, people realized the flaw and the evil of such things. But unfortunately, racism has managed to pop its ugly head out and control the minds and actions of many people who have fallen into its wicked traps over and over again. We are supposed to learn from mistakes not repeat them, thinking that someday these mistakes will no longer be mistakes.

Hate crimes have origins from ignorance and paranoia. It is a reaction to something a person thought was wrong or not good. If an ignorant person is fed with constant stream of information that are negative about a people and their culture and beliefs, he or she might react in a negative way.

But are Muslims a race? Of course not, so how can Islamophobia be defined as racism?

Simple. Nearly all Muslims are non white, while the overwhelming majority of Islamophobes are white. But that per se does not make it racism unless the pattern follows a certain trend.

You may ask, what is this trend? The trend of shifting racism from one group to the next and create a case or even a cause to justify the racism. Decades ago, whites had no problem being openly racist against blacks. Decades later, most racist would not dare to be openly racist against blacks because the fear of a backlash. Now there is a new bogeyman and it happens to be Muslims.

It would be totally politically incorrect to say blacks are more prone to crime, even though some people will say that statistics will prove that to be the case. But for some reason, it is acceptable to say that Muslims are more prone to terrorism and people will say that statistics will prove this to be the case. Why the double-standard? Because today, it is unacceptable to be openly racist against blacks and to even say blacks are more prone to crime would be politically incorrect, but to say Muslims are more prone to terrorism is acceptable. So now we see a clear shift of open racism against one minority group (blacks and other non whites) to another (Muslims).

So why when a Muslim does a violent act, his religion affliation is always mentioned, even if was not done in the name of Islam? Why did the press decades ago always mentioned the race of a person who happened to be black, regardless of what he did? The trend of double-standards and racism continue today and we must learn from the mistakes in the past and try not to repeat them.

But for some reason, we continue to repeat what is wrong instead of what is right....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Churches and Mosques in the Ghettos

I was shown a link where a black preacher in Florida is protesting the building of a mosque because he thinks that Islam is evil and the mosque will probably bring terrorism to his city or whatever the silly argument is.

Black Islamophobic preachers are quite rare, but they DO exist. He never read the Quran and let's say you take the less than 200 verses in the Quran related to Jihad (according to some people it is much less than that), there are nearly 6,700 verses in the Quran, so the Islamophobes are leaving out nearly all of the Quran and focusing on just a few that take out of context of course. He must of not read the Bible, he needs to start on Ezekiel 9 and end it with (after reading the whole Bible) Matthew 10:34. Will he now insist that the Bible will need a disclaimer since it has much more verses regarding violence and killing in the name of God than the Quran does?

If anyone has been to the ghetto, they are churches all over the place. In many cases, there are more churches in the ghettos than they are in the suburbs, and yet there is MORE crime generally in the ghettos than they are the suburbs. Crime ranging from drug dealing to gangs to prostitution to robberies and so on plague the inner cities of America and the world for that matter.

So the idiotic, ignorant Islamophobic preacher who want to say that the building of the mosque will be a bad thing will need to answer this: since there are so many churches in the ghetto, where is there so much crime? I see crime as terrorism, does he? Doesn't he see his community TERRORIZED by the crime that occurs? The suburbs have less churches and less crime, so if the ghetto has less churches, would there be less crime?

Of course the answer is no but I have a point. If 99% of the rapes, murders, gang violence, drug dealing, robberies, etc., that happen in the streets of America are committed by non Muslims in a country where nearly 20,000 people are murdered every year, then why fear Muslims if the risk of being hurt by one is far less than by a non Muslim!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hate Creates More Hate Not Less (Unless If That is What You Want!)

My recent post and replies to the Islamophobes have cause an interesting amongst these people that I would like to talk if you want to hear me out folks.

The purpose of preaching hatred is to spread hatred, more of it and not less. Bashing religions never created more understanding or peace amongst people, it creates more hatred and less peace.

Now if the Islamophobes want to make Muslims as these evil fifth columnists who cannot be trusted and will lie under "taqiyya" (dissumulation), then they choose to be ignorant and hateful. But don't be naive to those who believe that the are "exposing" or "speaking out against 'radical' Islam" that they are really doing that for the betterment of the world. They think Muslims are scum and bad people who will lie they way in making you all think that they are good people. Pure racism folks, and with these sick racists, there is no hope. No matter what you do, they will hate and insist Muslims are evil and scum and what not. It's the nature of hate, they are blinded so much by it that facts do not matter.

No, they want to eradicate and destroy what they hate, shedding more blood in the process. Isn't it ironic that the biggest supporters of the war in Iraq and the continued violations against the Palestinians are the Christian Zionists? They talk about their religion being about peace and yet they are the biggest supporters of war, even a destructive war like Armegeddon? In a sense, there are the biggest "Jihadis" there is? Since when did war because a sign of love and mercy?

Is loving thy enemy really mean that you must kill them to love them?

I mean, why spread hate? It won't lead to understanding, it won't lead to peace, it won't lead to unity. So knowing this, what purpose does it serve other than to create more and not less problems?

So the answer is solved: hate mongers are not "speaking out against extremism" because the hate mongers are extremists themselves. They are not here to "make people wake up and deal with their problems" because their hatred is creating more problems and provocations. They know their actions lead to more of what is bad like violence, hatred, etc., but they don't care.

They are racists and racists are sick, evil sadistic people. Knowing that you are creating more problems and violence and insist on doing it is a sign of pure wickedness.

Here is a solution: try to find ways to create peace, unity and understanding amongsts people. Instead of bashing, find a way to try to come to common terms.

Will the hate mongers ever listen....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speaking to the "Infidels" Who Call Themselves "Infidels", Matthew 10:34 and Ezekiel 9 and White Racism

My response to another Islamophobe rant is to go more on the offensive. Not to offend, but to rather expose the Islamophobes of who they are and what they are about. Not to bash Christianity, but to show the Islamophobes that they are more skeletons in your closet than you want to admit to.

Your hatred does not bring peace or understanding or unity but more hatred, less unity and less understanding. So why do you hate?

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: Okay, you Islamophobes, you call yourselves infidels. What, do you think it is cute trying to use reverse psychology thinking that you're mocking Muslims and Islam by using an "offensive term" like infidel to describe yourself? Well, infidel, you call yourself that so infidel, listen to this.

Anyway, there has been a lot of Internet chatter regarding free speech on websites like Youtube after a white person named Michelle Malkin (wait a minute, she's Filipino not white!) whined that her attack on Islam was really an attack on Jihadis and extremists and her cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) was to speak out against the Jihadis and extremists. Yeah, it is like the Crusaders who murdered and raped people in the name of Jesus forcing mostly non whites to be Christian (from Jerusalem to Spain to the Americas to Africa and elsewhere) were the only ones that would be offended if a person decided to mock Jesus. Jesus is revered in Christianity and mocking him does not only upset the "extremists" but the non extremists as well just like mocking the Prophet and trying to say that your video was attacking Jihadis and extremists because you cleverly used footage from terrorist attacks to mask over your true hatred of Muslims and their religion Islam.

Interesting enough, the biggest killers in the name of religion have been Christians and this is proven by history. From the Crusades, Inquisition, to even more recently Bosnia, the only that stole land and resources, raped women, forced natives to convert by the sword, more than ANYONE ELSE has been Christians. It was just in the past few centuries when the agnostics and atheists (yes, the true "infidels and heathens") were the ones who had to reform Christianity so that Christians did not kill people who believed that the earth was not flat. My ancestors were stolen from Africa, forced to abandon their culture and even religion, and most often converted to Christianity. So thanks to the heathens and infidels, it reformed Christianity and Christians to the point that they have killed and enslaved less people than they did a few centuries ago.

Non believers reforming a religion they don't believe in, how hilarious. And it wasn't Muslims who murdered 6 million Jews but Germans, most of them are Christians not atheists. And it wasn't Muslims who murdered over 200,000 civilians in Japan with a nuclear weapon, it was Christians. And it wasn't Muslims who started WWI, WWII, Cold War, etc., it was Christians. Hundreds of millions have died and these same people have the damn audacity to say that Muslims are violent and fanatical! Most of it started by white Christians, who make a small minority in the world today but start most of the major wars and have the highest rate of racism of any ethnic or racial group. It is no coincidence that nearly all of the Islamophobes are white or those who mainly associate themselves with white racists.

What, so you will tell me that it happened back then but not now! What! Look at the nearly 20,000 people who are murdered every year in America, the 100s of thousands people raped every year, the crime that has TERRORIZED communities from east to west. And guess who commit these acts of crime and terror? You guessed it, 99% of them are done by non Muslims! And where just talking in AMERICA, I am not even mentioned South America, Europe, Africa or Asia! How can you overlook all the murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, etc., committed by non Muslims in your country every year and insist that Muslims are a violent bunch? How often do you see Muslims on TV shows like Cops?

And these hateful hypocrites hate it when people defend Muslims and Islam. If you make Muslims look anything less than evil, you to them are evil. The devil has took over their hearts and minds and replaced it with hatred, ignorance and pure and utter hypocrisy that cannot be match by anyone or anything else. They have shifted their racism from mostly and historically black and other non white ethnic groups to now Muslims. It's like it is something inherited from generation to generation, racists just can't stop hating. Now in post 9/11 America, they feel safe to bash Islam and Muslims because it is okay to. They won't bash blacks or latinos because they will get so much negative reaction that they don't want to deal with, so instead of giving up hatred for good, they shifted their racism to Muslims.

Now I have seen the very same hypocritical Islamophobes who misquote verses in the Quran regarding Jihad (that make up less than TWO PERCENT OF THE QURAN, THEY REFUSE TO QUOTE THE REMAINING 98 PERCENT!!!!) and insist they are knowledgeable of the meaning of the verses and that they are not twisting the meaning the Quran. But when these lying racist hypocrites are told to read verses in the Bible like Matthew 10:34 or Ezekiel 9 and MANY OTHER VERSES, they cry foul. They say, "oh no, you cannot read it literally. There is a metaphorical meaning to what Jesus said when he said he did not come to bring peace or the sword". My question is, what part of it is metaphorical? The part when he alleged to have said that he did not come to bring peace really meant he came to bring peace or that the sword really means flowers and candies?

And don't forget the classic Ezekiel 9 where God orders people to murder men, women, children and the elderly all the name of God. But no, they either say that was the God of the OT or once again, that we cannot take these verses literally.

When these hypocrites are told that they are misinterpreting the Quran, they will often say that the Quran needs no interpretation and verses are meant to be taken literally. A whole science of interpreting the Quran called tafseer was developed in the early days of Islam just to deal with the fact that you cannot literally interpret every verse in the Quran, even the Quran says that there are verses that are "mutashabbihaat" (verses that are not clear in meaning; see the Quran 3:7). But those with hatred and ignorance do not care for the truth. They shifted they long standing and traditional hatred of blacks and picked a new enemy: the Muslims. The same ignorant traits shown by the Islamophobes can be seen by those who hate blacks and other non whites.

And getting back to Mrs. Malkin. Ethnically she is Filipino, but mentally she is as much of a white racists as any white racist. Being white is not confined to just the Caucasoids, and being a white racist is not just confined to the racist Caucasoids that are out there.

Hatred does not resolve problems but creates more problems. What is there in offending 1.5 billion people except in more hatred, more ignorance and more violence? Are these people sadists or what?