Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Proof of God (Part Two)

God was never designed, created, or had a beginning. He is eternal, no beginning, no end.

If God were created, than who created God and who created the creator of God and who created the creator of the creator of God and so on. It will become an endless cycle.

But if God is eternal which He is, then He had no beginning therefore He was not created or “designed”.

Everything else other than God is finite with attributes. These attributes are not haphazard but are clearly there with a purpose to define that object. Without a creator, there will be no limitations.

Why have limits when there is nothing to put the limit or attribute on the object? Without organization, there is no need for limits. It’s like chaos. But since God is the Creator, there are limits imposed on the creation. That’s why everything have attributes.


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