Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Proof of God (Part Three)

The materialists’ argument that energy is not finite is completely inaccurate. For one, it has a beginning and it has attributes. The power of the energy is released via force for example shows that it can be measured. So if something can be measured, then it is finite. Materialists believe that there is no beginning and that material itself is infinite, but they have nothing but assertions.
Regarding the materialists’ theory of energy can’t be created or destroyed and that it is constantly transforming, etc. What they don’t mention that energy CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT A SOURCE that is causing it to be. So in other words, without the source, there is no energy there energy is not infinite!

For one, the fact that anything with attributes is finite by default. It is defined by preset characteristics that makes it distinguishable from other things. Two, as I said before, anything that can be measured is finite.

God is the exception for one, He is not finite so the argument of finiteness does not apply to Him.


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