Friday, October 13, 2006

Hate Creates More Hate Not Less (Unless If That is What You Want!)

My recent post and replies to the Islamophobes have cause an interesting amongst these people that I would like to talk if you want to hear me out folks.

The purpose of preaching hatred is to spread hatred, more of it and not less. Bashing religions never created more understanding or peace amongst people, it creates more hatred and less peace.

Now if the Islamophobes want to make Muslims as these evil fifth columnists who cannot be trusted and will lie under "taqiyya" (dissumulation), then they choose to be ignorant and hateful. But don't be naive to those who believe that the are "exposing" or "speaking out against 'radical' Islam" that they are really doing that for the betterment of the world. They think Muslims are scum and bad people who will lie they way in making you all think that they are good people. Pure racism folks, and with these sick racists, there is no hope. No matter what you do, they will hate and insist Muslims are evil and scum and what not. It's the nature of hate, they are blinded so much by it that facts do not matter.

No, they want to eradicate and destroy what they hate, shedding more blood in the process. Isn't it ironic that the biggest supporters of the war in Iraq and the continued violations against the Palestinians are the Christian Zionists? They talk about their religion being about peace and yet they are the biggest supporters of war, even a destructive war like Armegeddon? In a sense, there are the biggest "Jihadis" there is? Since when did war because a sign of love and mercy?

Is loving thy enemy really mean that you must kill them to love them?

I mean, why spread hate? It won't lead to understanding, it won't lead to peace, it won't lead to unity. So knowing this, what purpose does it serve other than to create more and not less problems?

So the answer is solved: hate mongers are not "speaking out against extremism" because the hate mongers are extremists themselves. They are not here to "make people wake up and deal with their problems" because their hatred is creating more problems and provocations. They know their actions lead to more of what is bad like violence, hatred, etc., but they don't care.

They are racists and racists are sick, evil sadistic people. Knowing that you are creating more problems and violence and insist on doing it is a sign of pure wickedness.

Here is a solution: try to find ways to create peace, unity and understanding amongsts people. Instead of bashing, find a way to try to come to common terms.

Will the hate mongers ever listen....


At 6:15 AM, Blogger b33m3r said...

I don't hate Muslims nor do I think Muslims are evil. I do think many Muslims are misguided and that many Muslims take advantage of their own people.
Still, as someone has posted elsewhere on your blog the burden of proof that Islam is truly a religion of peace is on you. Not us. Hollow words implying that those of us that are not afraid to point out Islams irrational hate towards the west are not going to help your cause any.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

Sure, the religion of peace must be proven. Just ask the Jews who fled from the Inquisition and went to live in the Ottoman Islamic state if they believed Islam was a religion of peace. Or ask millions of people who convert to Islam every year in America, the UK, the West, Asia, Africa, etc., if Islam is a religion of peace.

Islam allows us to marry Jews and Christians. How can we "be against the 'infidel'" if we can marry them? Why does Islam order us to respect our parents, even if they are non Muslims?

Why didn't Saladin massacred the Christians when he liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders, unlike the Crusaders who massacred every Muslim, Jew and even other Christians when they conquered the same city?

These are just a few examples and I can go on and on so prove that Islam is a religion of peace.

It is up to you to prove that you Islamophobes are about peace, since you tell us Muslims to be peaceful when you guys spread hatred and misunderstanding that often leads to violence and less peace!

At 7:37 PM, Blogger b33m3r said...

Saladin was a wise man & a great leader. Men like him have been far too few throughout history.
I grew up NY, my Father used to work at the restaurant at the top of one of the Towers (he died when I was 15 of cancer), I had emotional ties to those buildings and my family had friends that still worked in the restaurant. Friends that died when the Towers fell.
For days, weeks, months after 9/11 I was filled with rage and anger. Even so I did not hate all Muslims; though I do not trust many of them. Truth be told I don't trust anyone of any color or background, even my own.
It has been 5 years now & I am no longer filled with the hate & anger the event's of 9/11 brought to my soul. 5 years.
Its been 800 years since the last crusade & Muslims still bring it up. The crusades did not happen to you they happened to people from a time when life was a lot harsher. If Saladin where alive today I doubt he would be sitting around griping about things 800 years old. More than likely he'd be wondering how Saudi Princes can have airplane hangers full of exotic cars, palaces adorned with gold and expensive racing horses while more than half the Middle East sit's in poverty. I think if Saladin where alive today he'd start his "jihad" by cleaning up his own back yard.
I'm not going to apologize for the crusades, I had nothing to do with them, neither did the men and women that died in the Towers. And for the record neither did you or any of the rest of your brethren alive today. You where not there, we where not there; so bringing up the crusades at this juncture is pretty much a null point.
The fact that Muslims can not let something that happened 800+ years ago go implies very little towards a notion of peacefull intentions.
Every civilization since before civlization began has a checkered & tarnished history. Your's, mine & everyone else's. We have to start learning from our history & stop whining about it.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

The Crusades *started* centuries ago but the effects of it still lingers of. Christian missionaries who bash Islam and Muslims are reliving the Crusades all over again. They only had Jerusalem for 200 years compared to the 1300 years the Muslims had it under their control. Hatred often last, even after many centuries and the current wave of Islamophobia are coming mainly from the European descendents of people who either were in the Crusades or were supportive of it.

At 2:59 AM, Blogger b33m3r said...

The crusades ENDED a few centuries ago. Over. Done with. You have to get over this. Trust me; if some moron on a pulpit started screaming for another crusade over here, he'd be promptly placed against a wall & shot.

People are a little more educated these days. It's not so easy to brainwash people when you give them more than one book of ideology to read. None of us "reasonable" people are sitting around saying "Man! if only we still had that piece of second rate resort sand over there, then things would be different."
Please don't confuse those of us who have serious questions regarding the intent of the Mullah's with the type of nut's that go around blowing up abortion clinics.

Many of these "Islamophobes" are just scared. No one want's to show up on the job after working hard their whole life only to be blown up by some upper-middle class Saudi with a better education & a bone up his arse over something his religous studies teacher told him happened centuries ago. When the Mullah's make mobs of people riot over something as silly as a drawing or a quote from the 14th century, don't you think some of us have a right to develop a little "phobia" over it?

I respect that you have lot of faith in God. I fear you put too much faith in your Mullahs. Religion can control the same man it tries to enlighten.
The Mullahs (a lot of them, NOT all) like to point the finger at the west for all the trials and tribulations that happen in their homelands. It's been my experience in life that you should always question the one pointing the finger more for they are just trying to divert the attention away from themeselves.

On a side note (this question has been nagging me all day) You said that Islam allows you to marry outside of your religion. I was always under the impression that the person you are marrying would have to convert to Islam. Am I wrong? Apologizing in advance if I am.

Just know that not every "Catholic" (& I'm fairly sure most of the Jew's too) is out for Islam's head, don't confuse fear & self-preservation with racism & hatred. Peace be with you.

At 3:04 AM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...


I live in America. A country that averages nearly 20,000 murders a year. If you want to talk about "fear", then just being in America can be a risk to your health. Gangs, crime of all kinds, 100s of thousands of rapes, etc., 99% done by non-Muslims.

So if it were an issue of "fear", then Muslims are the last people I would fear because 99% of the crimes that occur in America where I live at are committed by non-Muslims.

At 3:37 AM, Blogger b33m3r said...

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At 3:40 AM, Blogger b33m3r said...

So what you are saying is that 99% of the crime in a largely non-muslim country is commited by non-muslims?

You have an "Orwellian" way of presenting information.

Do you have any factual crime statistics on any Middle Eastern countries?

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

And you "Christophobes", Muslim and agnostic/atheist, are really helping too. Great way to keep the peace. Look at some of those signs held up by protesters over the Muhammad cartoons, and then ask yourself honestly, if you reversed the situation and those threatening signs were aimed at MUSLIMS by CHRISTIANS wearing cloths and masks over their faces, what would you think, TB? Would you really think it "phobic" (as in an IRRATIONAL FEAR) to be a bit afraid of these angry mobs? I doubt it. I bet you'd be ranting about the KKK resurgent or something. You are a tad bit race obsessed. Think about it. Honestly. It's not paranoia if they're REALLY out to get you. And with nuns getting gunned down, SOME Muslims are out to get some of us, it would seem.

Moderates decrying the violence on ANY side are welcome. I just don't see you as one of them.

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

I condemn extremism but you "Pim's Ghost" not only condone extreme Islamophobia but you yourself are one!

If it was an issue of condoning extremism, you lead the pack on your silly little blog. Fighting extremism is not done by adding fuel to the fire, it is adding water to the fire through trying to come with a resolution. Resolving problems where all sides are content is the way to go.

But you don't want that. Hatred, not peace is what motivates to wage your cyber-Crusade (keyboard commando style) and then when you piss people off, you will say "look at those Muslims, see how violent and intolerant they are".

People like you shifted their open racism of blacks to now their open racism of Muslims; it's all the same, just the racism and hatred has a new focus.

And when will you condemn the gangs, murderers, rapists, robbers, etc., in your country that have terrorized the people in it. In America alone, there is an average of almost 20,000 murders each year, many if not most of them innocent victims of totally random crime.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

ROFLMAO....uh yeah, it's all about racism towards blacks and racist white people. Whatever. You are a broken record. Do you really think that some white anglos didn't treat me like crap growing up while others didn't, based on MY ethnicity? Do I now aim my ire at "whitey"? No thanks, I don't buy into the whole "cult of victimization" garbage, and neither should you. Talk about being an ignorant pawn, damn, you need a good double dose of John McWhorter. Stat.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

The irony of it all is that you do not need Islamophobia is extremism or even something that can cause extremism and you hypocritically want me to condemn extremism (which I already have all my life).

Your kind knows hate only and try to make peace is the last thing you want.


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