Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speaking to the "Infidels" Who Call Themselves "Infidels", Matthew 10:34 and Ezekiel 9 and White Racism

My response to another Islamophobe rant is to go more on the offensive. Not to offend, but to rather expose the Islamophobes of who they are and what they are about. Not to bash Christianity, but to show the Islamophobes that they are more skeletons in your closet than you want to admit to.

Your hatred does not bring peace or understanding or unity but more hatred, less unity and less understanding. So why do you hate?

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: Okay, you Islamophobes, you call yourselves infidels. What, do you think it is cute trying to use reverse psychology thinking that you're mocking Muslims and Islam by using an "offensive term" like infidel to describe yourself? Well, infidel, you call yourself that so infidel, listen to this.

Anyway, there has been a lot of Internet chatter regarding free speech on websites like Youtube after a white person named Michelle Malkin (wait a minute, she's Filipino not white!) whined that her attack on Islam was really an attack on Jihadis and extremists and her cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) was to speak out against the Jihadis and extremists. Yeah, it is like the Crusaders who murdered and raped people in the name of Jesus forcing mostly non whites to be Christian (from Jerusalem to Spain to the Americas to Africa and elsewhere) were the only ones that would be offended if a person decided to mock Jesus. Jesus is revered in Christianity and mocking him does not only upset the "extremists" but the non extremists as well just like mocking the Prophet and trying to say that your video was attacking Jihadis and extremists because you cleverly used footage from terrorist attacks to mask over your true hatred of Muslims and their religion Islam.

Interesting enough, the biggest killers in the name of religion have been Christians and this is proven by history. From the Crusades, Inquisition, to even more recently Bosnia, the only that stole land and resources, raped women, forced natives to convert by the sword, more than ANYONE ELSE has been Christians. It was just in the past few centuries when the agnostics and atheists (yes, the true "infidels and heathens") were the ones who had to reform Christianity so that Christians did not kill people who believed that the earth was not flat. My ancestors were stolen from Africa, forced to abandon their culture and even religion, and most often converted to Christianity. So thanks to the heathens and infidels, it reformed Christianity and Christians to the point that they have killed and enslaved less people than they did a few centuries ago.

Non believers reforming a religion they don't believe in, how hilarious. And it wasn't Muslims who murdered 6 million Jews but Germans, most of them are Christians not atheists. And it wasn't Muslims who murdered over 200,000 civilians in Japan with a nuclear weapon, it was Christians. And it wasn't Muslims who started WWI, WWII, Cold War, etc., it was Christians. Hundreds of millions have died and these same people have the damn audacity to say that Muslims are violent and fanatical! Most of it started by white Christians, who make a small minority in the world today but start most of the major wars and have the highest rate of racism of any ethnic or racial group. It is no coincidence that nearly all of the Islamophobes are white or those who mainly associate themselves with white racists.

What, so you will tell me that it happened back then but not now! What! Look at the nearly 20,000 people who are murdered every year in America, the 100s of thousands people raped every year, the crime that has TERRORIZED communities from east to west. And guess who commit these acts of crime and terror? You guessed it, 99% of them are done by non Muslims! And where just talking in AMERICA, I am not even mentioned South America, Europe, Africa or Asia! How can you overlook all the murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, etc., committed by non Muslims in your country every year and insist that Muslims are a violent bunch? How often do you see Muslims on TV shows like Cops?

And these hateful hypocrites hate it when people defend Muslims and Islam. If you make Muslims look anything less than evil, you to them are evil. The devil has took over their hearts and minds and replaced it with hatred, ignorance and pure and utter hypocrisy that cannot be match by anyone or anything else. They have shifted their racism from mostly and historically black and other non white ethnic groups to now Muslims. It's like it is something inherited from generation to generation, racists just can't stop hating. Now in post 9/11 America, they feel safe to bash Islam and Muslims because it is okay to. They won't bash blacks or latinos because they will get so much negative reaction that they don't want to deal with, so instead of giving up hatred for good, they shifted their racism to Muslims.

Now I have seen the very same hypocritical Islamophobes who misquote verses in the Quran regarding Jihad (that make up less than TWO PERCENT OF THE QURAN, THEY REFUSE TO QUOTE THE REMAINING 98 PERCENT!!!!) and insist they are knowledgeable of the meaning of the verses and that they are not twisting the meaning the Quran. But when these lying racist hypocrites are told to read verses in the Bible like Matthew 10:34 or Ezekiel 9 and MANY OTHER VERSES, they cry foul. They say, "oh no, you cannot read it literally. There is a metaphorical meaning to what Jesus said when he said he did not come to bring peace or the sword". My question is, what part of it is metaphorical? The part when he alleged to have said that he did not come to bring peace really meant he came to bring peace or that the sword really means flowers and candies?

And don't forget the classic Ezekiel 9 where God orders people to murder men, women, children and the elderly all the name of God. But no, they either say that was the God of the OT or once again, that we cannot take these verses literally.

When these hypocrites are told that they are misinterpreting the Quran, they will often say that the Quran needs no interpretation and verses are meant to be taken literally. A whole science of interpreting the Quran called tafseer was developed in the early days of Islam just to deal with the fact that you cannot literally interpret every verse in the Quran, even the Quran says that there are verses that are "mutashabbihaat" (verses that are not clear in meaning; see the Quran 3:7). But those with hatred and ignorance do not care for the truth. They shifted they long standing and traditional hatred of blacks and picked a new enemy: the Muslims. The same ignorant traits shown by the Islamophobes can be seen by those who hate blacks and other non whites.

And getting back to Mrs. Malkin. Ethnically she is Filipino, but mentally she is as much of a white racists as any white racist. Being white is not confined to just the Caucasoids, and being a white racist is not just confined to the racist Caucasoids that are out there.

Hatred does not resolve problems but creates more problems. What is there in offending 1.5 billion people except in more hatred, more ignorance and more violence? Are these people sadists or what?


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

Oh honestly, you posted one of your blog posts as a comment? Well, be prepared for responses. Call your buddies at CAIR.

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much BS in one article, one wonders what did you have for breakfast.....

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

I think I understand your problem...

"The devil has took over their hearts" You believe that.

I have a flash for you ... if you DENOUNCE the violent racist hadiths (like the stone and the tree) which are things that if taught UNCHANGED by the KKK in private schools would put people in jail here, you will find people just like us standing by you.

So what about it, thinking you renounce the Stone and the Tree?
Do you renounce violent dawa?
Have you PESONALLY been commanded to fight all men until we accept Mohammed as the seal of the prophets?

If you wish to emphasize the other 98% of the Quran, and ignore the rest of the immutable word of god more power to you...but I have no problem DENOUNCING violent parts of the bible. And I would point out this...find me in the quran, where the muslims DEFIED GOD to spare the lives of those defeated in battle despite the order of God to kill the captives, as Joshua and the jews did in Canaan... I point this out not to point any superiority, but to establish that since the quran MUST be immutable, such an incident and the use of the brains god gave us MUST be denied to those who believe it the perfect word of a perfect being. We jews and christians CAN refute the bible as the word of God. And guess what? Nobody gets killed for doing so.

As for you historical examples are leaving out two salient facts...the armed imperial dawa of ~650-900 AD, and the medievil slaughters in India in which staggering numbers were killed, and the fact that this only ceased in the period from 1453-1683 ..when Islam's military force was exceeded by the west.

All over an arithmetic disagreement over the number of prophets?

And this...."They shifted they long standing and traditional hatred of blacks and picked a new enemy: the Muslims. " displays STAGGERING ignorance on your part. After all, for all you know, you are typing to a black.

Right now.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

Wow Epa, nice.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Conan said...

Another thing. I have re -read your post and you missed a giant point. It was not Christiains who did the killing in the 20th century, it was ideology, not unlike your sick one. Communism killed 100,000,000 people. Nazi fascism and Japanese racist imperialsim killed millions too. What CHRISTIAN group in the last century was respnsible for the deaths of innocents?? Right. None. None in the name of the religion.
Yet you stand there with the awful history of conversion by the sword and slam Christians? What a hypocrite.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

Your little diatribe is up at, BTW. I figured that if you are willing to leave the whole thing in a comment section that linking and cross-posting are also allowed.

At any rate, thanks for sharing the ignorance and foolishness that is behind "UmmahFilms". I'll let you know when Michelle Malkin weighs in.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

If you have write posts denouncing white racism, denouncing the crime that plagues your societies, the Christians who actually want war in the Middle East because they want Armegeddon to happen (now they are the true "Jihadis" if we want to describe war mongers in the name of religion), then maybe, you are becoming a step close to being fair (but still far enough).

In America alone, almost 20,000 people are murdered every year. Where is the protest against crime? 100s of thousands of women (and even men) are raped every year. Why don't you guys speak out against this?

Why focus on Muslims? Because you hate Muslims and this is little to nothing to do with 9/11. It is something inherited from your ancestors since the Crusades when you guys lost it.

You are the same people that have killed 100s of MILLIONS (not thousands but millions!) of people in the last century alone. Muslims haven't even barely scratched the surface when it comes to you guys and you have the nerve to label us violent!

And Crusades weren't against the Muslims only! It was against the Jews and other Christians as well. Muslims weren't the only ones the Crusades massacred and forced to be Christians, Jews had it bad as well and that's why they fled to Muslim Ottoman State so that they can practice their religion with being persecuted!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

You avoid the POINT..

DO YOU PERSONALLY renounce the violent hadiths, the racist hate speech of Stone and the tree?

DO YOU personally RENOUNCE the idea that you must fight the people until they accept muhammad as the final prophet?

Further, to REFUTE you point in your last post, while is is a FACT that crusaders passign theru europe massacfred jews, the jews were often taken into churches and peopel homes in the towns they lived to protect them as well.

100's of million in the 20th century?

That is a lie.

Prove your assertion.
WW2 45 million... go from there.

PS, Don't leave out the muslim slaughter of the armenians from your additions, and though only a footnote, please also remember that a few weeks after Sabra and Shattila, TEN TIMES AS MANY WERE KILLED BY ASSAD in Hama.

And as for jews runniing o the muslim state ..sure, and were persecuted as dhimmis there ..remember when the Almohads ruled Al Andalus, the jews fled from there for their lives .. Maimonedes.

But DON'T BOTHER TO ANSWER, UNLESS YOU ARE RPEPARED TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, no other response is as important as that, for it is the dividing line among us ...

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

I cannot renounce something that is not there. There is no RACIST hadiths but there are Hadiths that renounce racism ("an Arab is not better than a non Arab and vice versa and a black is not better than a white and vice versa). Why don't you quote the Hadiths that attack racism? Maybe because you don't want to use anything that will make Islam look good! Read the Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) and ask yourself why does Islam attack racism and not condone it, unlike you guys where you live everyday thinking how much you hate people and using that to influence the way you think and act.

Now to the Hadith regarding fighting the people until say there is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger. That Hadith is in regards to an Islamic state when it deals with non-Muslim COMBATANTS or non-Muslims who have not paid the jizya or protection tax. That is something you wicked Islamophobes leave out and hide from people.

Why don't you quote the examples of Khalid ibn Waleed when he returned the jizya to the non Muslims because he said that the Islamic State was too weak to defend them? Why does Islam allow Muslims to marry NON MUSLIMS if Islam is against the "infidels" (the term you use for yourself by the way to try to be "funny" and use reverse psychology).

Why during the Inquisition did the Jews escaped to the Ottoman Islamic State? Why in the history of the Jews that their best and most peaceful times were in the Islamic State? Why don't you evil hate mongers ever cite that?

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

The stone and the tree - RACIST

Want the links?'s It's taught worldwide

Here's a little action for you to refute

It exists as does 9:29, so get off it. It's pathetic

We ask direct questions and we get a tortuous answer saying there are no racist hadiths to refute.

'sons of apes and pigs' to you, dude.

You must think we are stupid to prattke this crap.

This is not an honest exchange
C ya

At 4:02 AM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

By the way... it is not UP TO US to make ISlam look good.

It is up to you.

SO if you want that ... stand up fridays and RENOUNCE the links I posted as unislamic.

Qaradawi - unislamic
Bin Baz - unislamic

Just as we named the KKK as NOT the christian organization they claimed to be, so must you DO THE SAME with the KKK buried inside your religion.

Start with Qutb, Azzam, Al Banna, Maududi and go on to Ibn Tamiyya ... there's a lot of work to do.

Want to have Islam seen as good? ...DO GOOD..attakc the killers, not us. Attack the teachings that underpin the killers, NOT US.

We are not the problem.
The inability to refute the teachings of the immutable are the problem.

Figure out how

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Mahdi Ahmad said...

You must be a fool for you to think that if anything comes from the Creator that I will renounce it to please people like you. We are not guided by desires or public opinion but by God so we know you cannot please everyone, so as a Muslim, we can only focus on pleasing God. A Muslim submits to the will of God, not the will of anyone else.

Regarding the "sons of pigs and apes", if you read the whole story and how did story came about, it was an incident were some people rebelled against God and in turn were cursed and transformed in pigs and apes. But it is totally incorrect to say that Jews are descendents of pigs and apes because they are descendents of Adam and Eve just like any other human. The teachings of Islam NEVER said that Jews are from pigs and apes, what it does say that a group of people (who happened to be Jewish but being Jewish was not the issue here!) were transformed into pigs and apes because they rebelled against God.

MANY people have been cursed and they are NOT JEWISH! So this incident had nothing to do with them being Jews. Remember, INCIDENT on a SMALL GROUP of Jews, not the whole Jewish nation. If it happened to non Jews, then it happened to non Jews. It does not mean that non Jews are from pigs and apes just like it does not mean that Jews are from pigs and apes.

Refuting the anti-Islamic arguments is a piece of cake as long as one understands Islam, even scholars have a lot of knowledge of Islam but little understanding...


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