Sunday, October 15, 2006

Churches and Mosques in the Ghettos

I was shown a link where a black preacher in Florida is protesting the building of a mosque because he thinks that Islam is evil and the mosque will probably bring terrorism to his city or whatever the silly argument is.

Black Islamophobic preachers are quite rare, but they DO exist. He never read the Quran and let's say you take the less than 200 verses in the Quran related to Jihad (according to some people it is much less than that), there are nearly 6,700 verses in the Quran, so the Islamophobes are leaving out nearly all of the Quran and focusing on just a few that take out of context of course. He must of not read the Bible, he needs to start on Ezekiel 9 and end it with (after reading the whole Bible) Matthew 10:34. Will he now insist that the Bible will need a disclaimer since it has much more verses regarding violence and killing in the name of God than the Quran does?

If anyone has been to the ghetto, they are churches all over the place. In many cases, there are more churches in the ghettos than they are in the suburbs, and yet there is MORE crime generally in the ghettos than they are the suburbs. Crime ranging from drug dealing to gangs to prostitution to robberies and so on plague the inner cities of America and the world for that matter.

So the idiotic, ignorant Islamophobic preacher who want to say that the building of the mosque will be a bad thing will need to answer this: since there are so many churches in the ghetto, where is there so much crime? I see crime as terrorism, does he? Doesn't he see his community TERRORIZED by the crime that occurs? The suburbs have less churches and less crime, so if the ghetto has less churches, would there be less crime?

Of course the answer is no but I have a point. If 99% of the rapes, murders, gang violence, drug dealing, robberies, etc., that happen in the streets of America are committed by non Muslims in a country where nearly 20,000 people are murdered every year, then why fear Muslims if the risk of being hurt by one is far less than by a non Muslim!


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

Have you REALLY never heard any black people at all mock at least the NOI? Not saying you are NOI, but you've really never heard the rather common "bow-tie brother" saying? Come on. Quit pretending. Perhaps this preacher is resisting becuase he is a CHRISTIAN and is familiar with Matthew 7:15-23. Then, maybe he just has some common sense.

As your pal Baba Ali said in VLOG #10, there are plenty of Muslim troublemakers out there too. He claimed it kept him from even converting for a while. A major part of his tale. So don't pull the " all the Muslims are flowers and happiness" when your UmmahFilms Season Finale clearly states otherwise!

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Pim's Ghost said...


Wow, isn't just my blog, is it?

At 7:33 PM, Blogger b33m3r said...

You present your information on American culture like a rabid Jospeh Goebbels lecturing to the SS.

I've asked before & it went unanswered so I shall ask again. Do you have any FACTUAL crime statistics on any Middle Eastern countries?

Crime is, has been & will always be a part of any society. Including yours but you'll probably try & have us believe that any crime within the Muslim society is due to "Western" influence.

I know of no Utopia in the Middle East other than the one with the 70 odd virgins people seem to want to get to so badly. Personally, I don't place bets on things I cannot see & touch.

And before you go quoting more crime statistics just know I lived in San Francisco for 5+ years. Every headshop (shops that sell drug paraphernalia) on Haight St & throughout SF is owned by Muslims. I have witnessed Muslims engaging in illicit activities from dealing drugs to using them. Spare me the holier-than-thou camel dung.

Crime is not "exclusive" to any culture. You could get shot just as easily (if not right away) in Palestine as you could in any "ghetto". I'm white & I grew up in Washington Heights, NY. I know all there is to know about ghettos & I could walk far more easily, soundly & safely in any American ghetto than I could in any "civilized" Muslim city right now. I know & understand what motivates drug dealers, muggers & rapists. But the man in the mask with the C-4 strapped to his chest defies rational behaviour.

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So are you suggesting blacks only live in the ghettos (which is a racist term by the way) and not in surburbs? Have you not noticed the nonblack muslims in masjids breaking lines to get away from us blacks? re-read what you've written, sounds like you are just as much as a racist as the white man (9/11 just knocked many of you back into reality)


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Haden said...

This article is pathetic! So what if the preacher was black. You complain about racism towards Muslims, well I'm sorry brother but look at the crap you write and say. I loved this blog this and other things that try to justify Muslims actions compared to those of black people has put me off. I'm sorry to say that.

Your sister in Islam
Oops your black sister in Islam


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