Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Problem with CAIR

I got a problem with CAIR. I mean, may Allah bless the brothers and sisters who fight hard against Islamophobia and their efforts in trying to educate people about the true message of Islam.

They got several issues I disagree with from an ISLAMIC point of view which I won't get into but the one issue I will get into is is their apologetic defensiveness when they deal with Islamophobes, either in print or on TV. Their tactics are so weak that it actually adds fuel to the fire and make the Islamophobes more arrogant and convinced they are right.

What do I mean? When they debate an Islamophobe on TV for example, they will always say how Islam is this and not that, etc. without really citing references from the Quran or Hadith or Islamic history. They often do not refute the anti-Islamic claims with effective clarity but often allow the Islamophobe to have the momentum in his or her Islam and Muslim bashing. Also, since nearly all Islamophobes are white (or those who think "white" but are racially something else), it does not help if you have a Middle Eastern or Asian (or even white convert) always representing your organization when these hateful ignorant bigots feel extremely arrogant and cocky towards non whites but for some reason have some reservation in their arrogance and cockiness when dealing with black Americans, especially one who is more street smart (because they think that they do not want a backlash and be accused as a racist by black people and/or they are afraid of blacks).

And worst of all, they NEVER go on the offensive and giving the Islamophobe a clear reality check. If one of these Islamophobic pieces of trash ever debate me, I will ask him or her about the number of murders, rapes, and other crimes that happen in their societies and the MILLIONS of people killed in world wars and why they are turning a blind eye to their own problems which are far worse than what Muslims are doing and at a much higher rate and let them go on the defensive. People will see the utter hypocrisy of the Islamophobes and truth of Islam and Muslims. They will re-think what they have been told.

I urge CAIR to stop being so weak and stop just putting people who just say Islam and this and that without evidence and start going on the offensive and exposing the hypocrisy of the Islamophobe and start having a more diverse lineup of people representing you, instead of just having the Middle Eastern, Asian, or white convert whom the Islamophobe will feel utterly arrogant and cocky towards.